Monday May 29 2023

"Asian Shooting Confederation Headquarters Sponsors 12th Asian Youth Training Camp and Coaching Course for Rifle Shooting in Indonesia"

The Indonesian Shooting Association will be organizing the Asian youth training camp and coaching course for rifle shooting from 01st to 11th July 2023 in Jakarta, Indonesia. This initiative is aimed at promoting and developing the sport of shooting among youth in the region.

The event will be sponsored by the Asian Shooting Confederation (ASC) headquarters in Kuwait, showcasing the collaborative efforts of different shooting sport organizations in the region. The sponsorship will provide the necessary resources and support to conduct a successful training camp and coaching course.

The training camp and coaching course will be focused on rifle shooting, with expert trainers and coaches providing instruction and guidance to young shooters from different South East Asian countries. This event is expected to attract talented youth and junior shooters who are aspiring to excel in rifle shooting and represent their respective countries at international shooting competitions.

The Indonesian Shooting Association has expressed their excitement about hosting this event and aims to provide a platform for young shooters to enhance their skills and knowledge in rifle shooting. This initiative is in line with the Federation's efforts to promote the sport of shooting and develop the talent of young shooters in Indonesia and across South East Asia.

The Asian youth training camp and coaching course for rifle shooting organized by the Indonesian Shooting Association is expected to be a significant event in the shooting sports calendar in Asia, with the support of the Asian Shooting Confederation headquarters in Kuwait.


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