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36th Executive Committee Meeting - 2023 Kuwait.

The Asian Shooting Confederation (ASC) at the 36th executive committee meeting (Exco) held on 22nd of February 2023 at the Regency Hotel in Kuwait. On the sideline with the H.H. Amir of Kuwait International Shooting Grand prix and Asian Shotgun Cup 2023 Kuwait. The ExCo meeting was attended by H.E. Luciano Rossi ISSF President & H.E. Willi Grill ISSF Secretary General and a total of 13 ASC ExCo members both in-person and zoom.

The ASC Secretary General H.E. Duaij AlOtaibi welcomed the ISSF President and ISSF Secretary General and took the roll call and ensured the eligibility of the meeting. Moreover, the ASC President took the lead and welcomed both honorable guests and thanked the President and Secretary General of Kuwait Shooting Federation for hosting Asian Shotgun Cup and Executive Committee Meeting here in Kuwait. Additionally the ASC President expressed his sincere congratulations to the ISSF President H.E. Luciano Rossi, ISSF Secretary General H.E. Willi Grill and all new elected ISSF Executive Committee members and ISSF Council Members. Also, the ASC President expressed his desire to working together with the ISSF for the development of shooting sport in Asia. After that, the Sheikh Salman gave the floor to ISSF President to give an opening speech.

The ISSF President started by thanking H.E. Sheikh Salman and all ASC ExCo member for their continuous support and cooperation for the ISSF and expressed his appreciation for the strong leadership that made extensive efforts to elevate the shooting sport in Asia. Mr. Luciano thanked the ASC President and Secretary General for the great hospitality and was delighted to join the meeting. Moreover, Mr. Luciano elaborated on the great efforts that ISSF is currently doing with the IOC for Paris Olympic Games 2024 and Las Angeles Olympic Games 2028. Additionally, the ISSF is extensively working with its technical committees to implement the major changes that will help the sport and athletes such as focusing on the quality rather than quantity of ISSF world cups as well as to invest on the development of continental confederations in terms of courses and other support to improve the sport in Asia. Finally, the ISSF President conveyed his keenness to always maintain a strong and close relationship with the ASC in the upcoming years.

The ISSF President and Secretary General were excused from the meeting after the ISSF President opening speech. The meeting was headed by the ASC President H.E Sheikh Salman Al-Sabah and managed in a hybrid way since most of the members attended in-person and the others online. The ASC President Sheikh Salman AlSabah gave his opening speech that began by reassuring the cooperation between ASC and ISSF and the changes and decision that are taking place at ISSF that will have a major impact on the International Shooting Sport. Moreover, the ASC President congratulated all Asian member federation for the great achievement of having the highest number of Asian officials who were elected in the ISSF Committees and wished them to contribute positively for the development of Asian and International Shooting Sport.

The meeting entailed many important subjects such as the ISSF Executive Committee decisions during last two month, discussed the utilization of ISSF Fund and Asian Kuwait Fund, Agreement for Hosting ASC Championships, Exclusion of Non-Olympic Events in ISSF World Cups, ASC Calendar and deciding the venue of the 16th Asian Shooting ASC President and ExCo members discussed the latest updates on other matters that support our member federations and athletes.

Finally, the ASC President and ASC Secretary General thanked all attending members in-person and online for the keenness to attend the meeting and for their continuous support to elevate our beloved sport in the continent of Asia.


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